The Lasercutter is here!

Last friday I arranged a ute and we got the massive crate to the space (It needed a forklift to load it on!)

We finally got the crate inside and got it set up (OK, OK. That video was us moving the empty crate out after we’d got it unpacked! But we fooled some people)

After a bit of a tussle with cabling, water cooling, disassembling the air compressor and other stuff, the laser is now working nicely. 

Here’s Scott with some quadcopter frames he cut:

Instructions on how to use the cutter are here:

And some examples of what you can make are here:

The lasercutter was partly funded by Robots and Dinosaurs, but the majority came from member’s donations. Special thanks to Gavin, Jeremy, Vorn, Brendan, Max, Rebecca, talsit(david), Mitchell, Macca, Jason B, Kean, David B (shig), Tristan, Adriaan & Chris B for their support, and I’m looking forward to seeing what people will make with it.