Gerard’s Moulding Box

Here’s a project one of our members, Gerard, made recently:

Well, not so much assembled at the space, but certainly made made far more easily and elegantly with the help of the laser cutter :)

The table is to help remove air bubbles from the condensation cure moulding rubber I’ve been using and it seems to work quite well.

It’s just a small DC motor with an eccentric disc attached to the rotor, and clamped to the table with a bracket printed on an UP printer. 

The table sits on a foam block to minimise the amount of energy escaping into the work bench, and to reduce noise (though the thing is still surprisingly noisy).

As an aside, Dave gave me the idea of 3D printing the masters for the moulds onto a flat plate to ensure an even parting line. I’ve done that and also 3D printed reusable mould boxes.

Some photos attached.


Here’s the moulds:

The table itself. The wood is lasercut and the corners and motor mounts are 3D printed:

And assembled, ready for use: