ROS Workshop wrapup and pics

Hi All, Gav here.

Last Saturday I ran a workshop in the space on ROS, the Robot Operating System.

We had a great attendance, and lots of good back and forth about how to make a robot and what sort of stuff is possible.

Slides and materials are up here:

Here’s the quick and dirty map we made on the day: 

And I’d highly recommend getting into ROS if you’re interested in robotics. There are tons of ready made software stacks out there and you can use them with very little change. There’s nothing more frustrating than reinventing the wheel. 

Also, there’s been enough interest that we’ve started a new Sydney ROS Users group here:

And we’ll be having a monthly get-together in the Robots and Dinosaurs space to discuss things. Next ROS meeting is 27th April at noon.


Feel free to come along and bring your project for show and tell!