Yuri’s Night Followup

On Tuesday we had our Yuri’s Night party, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of humans in space.


We had a special screening of the Yuri’s night documentary, which included footage shot from the International Space Station, synchronised to Yuri’s flight with the original radio messages. 

Special thanks to George Georgevits from UNSW, who gave us an awesome talk on his reasearch in finding objects in the outer solar system. 

We also had some rocket test firings:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/38462165@N05/5618442135/in/pool-1090603@N25/lightbox/ (very dark vid)

Andrew, who without a doubt won the costume prize:

Big congrats to Bec, who organised the entire night, including the themed prizes, documentary and our guest speaker. It went off without a hitch!