April 12th: Yuri’s Night

Almost 50 years ago Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made history when he piloted a spacecraft above our atmosphere and into earth orbit. Yuri’s Night commemorates not just the first human-in-orbit milestone but a multitude of others including the first Space Shuttle launch precisely 20 years later and our ongoing exploration of the universe.

This night also celebrates those who made and make our celestial presence possible; the engineers, scientists and organisations which expand and support human space flight.

On the evening of April 12th come celebrate Yuri’s Night with us at Robots and Dinosaurs, exactly 50 years since Yuri first circled our planet.

View a premier screening the of the film First Orbit, a recreation of the sights and sounds of human’s first orbit combining archival audio recordings and high definition footage shot from the ISS.

Telescopes will be setup for gazing skyward.

An assortment of spacey videos will be shown.

Amazing mystery Space prizes* will be given for:

  • Lucky door prize, just turn up and you might win. It’s like avoiding orbital debris in reverse!
  • The first person to visually detect a satellite flyover. Adjust that smartphone!
  • The first person to radiophonically detect a satellite flyover. Tune that radio!
  • Fancy Dress. Dust off that old EVA suit!
  • Best static test rocket engine burn as decided by our judges. Bring along your rocket engine and test it in our horizontal static test force measurement rig! **

Pizza, snacks and O2 will be provided.

When: April 12th 2011, 1900 hours (facebook event)
Where: The Space
How much: $10

*Hint: Some have non-terrestrial isotope ratios. ;)
** Engines deemed too large or unsafe will be rejected. Keep it sane. Best doesn’t mean biggest.