Rob D’s Project

Hi All, Gav here. Just wanted to share this post from our new member, Rob D. Looks like the start of a fun project.


Hi All,

Had a great night at the space Saturday night and kicked off a project. Plan is to build a robot with tank tracks. Cut and printed some sprockets which I’m very happy with. I want to use the Pitsco TETRIX tank tracks but I will need to scale up the drive sprocket from 65mm diameter to about 120mm while keeping a consistent tooth profile and also making sure the first and last cut teeth line up. I made a part model in Solidworks and I’ll use a design table to scale up the sprocket to the larger size. Saturday was the first time I’ve worked with a 3D printer and a laser cutter. 

Bottom right was the first print. Gav showed me how to scale it to 80% and also to shorten it in the z axis as a test run. Top right is 100%. It’s about 65mm diameter. On the left is the one cut on the laser. The key take-home was that in both cases the tooth profile looks (as far as I can tell) consistent for all teeth. I can see a faint line where the laser started and finished it’s run along the teeth but it’s so minor it looks inconsequential. 

Thanks guys for showing me the ropes! 

Rob D