Cool Thing of the Week — AGM & PCR Machine Hacking

OK, a quick and hurried update, since we’ve been a bit rushed in the last week with our second Annual General Meeting.

AGM #2

The results of the Board of Directors were announced. The 2010/11 Board of Directors: President: Gavin Smith Vice-President: Terry Dawson Treasurer: Jeremy Apthorp Secretary: Kathryn Small Minister for the Interior: Chris Beckett Ordinary members: Bec Owen, Max Nippard and Kean Maziels Big thanks to our previous board members Greg and Marcus, and we appreciate all your support over the previous year. Lots of cool discussions were had, and we have many ideas for upcoming workshops and funding, etc. Also, cookies were had!

PCR Machine Hacking:

We finally hauled our new PCR machine into the hackerspace and started tinkering with it. It’s rather large. It took 4 people just to carry it into the space! We’re still waiting for an exceedingly rare Mac compatible serial cable before we can use it, but we’ve powered it up and it seems to be working. I successfully burned my hand on the thermowell, so we know that’s OK! Checking if the temp regulation is occurring More updates to come!