Rocket Car Day! Photos and Vids

For those of you that haven’t been following, we attended Rocket Car Day 2010 on the weekend. This is an event where everyone cobbles/crafts/hacks together the most baddass vehicle they can, then crams a rocket engine into the back and competes for honor and glory!

Some people spent a lot of time on their cars:

Others less so:

Unsurprisingly at such a geeky event, RnD members were there in full force. We even had our own race!

(Note the swanky new lab coats, with RnD embroidery )

Here’s a couple of videos of the cars:

Sorry for squealing at the end of the vid, but I really wasn’t expecting to win against those other cars which were, frankly, better than mine :)

Special shout out to Big (Iain) who made his own custom arduino & digital compass powered car! We were all sorry to see it was short lived.

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