Plastimake and Robots and Dinosaurs

You might have seen an unusual plastic called polycaprolactone, which also goes by the name of Polymorph, Polycap or Plastimake. It’s small white pellets of plastic that will melt in hot water and can be shaped like plasticine. When it cools, it’s rock hard and perfect for engineering applications.

The trouble up till now is that it’s quite hard to get a hold of decent quantities of it in Australia. But it turns out there’s now a local supplier, called Plastimake:

If you’ve used polycaprolatane before, you should check them out. In addition to being local and quite cheap, they’ve spent a lot of time making tutorials on what you can do with it. The roses are my favourite: (Pic shamelessly stolen from their site)

and there are loads more examples here:

So, we put in an order for a bunch of plastic, and in addition to being very prompt, inside the box a freebie sample of colouring material, and also this drawing:

How awesome is that? 

The image was made by the very talented Alice Caroll, who’s website is here: