Robots & Dinosaurs has moved to Gladesville.

The new space is located in Gerard Lane, Gladesville. We’re located inside the same space as Quick-Fit muffers.

Here it is on Google maps (Thanks Madox) 

Go through the garage door to the right until you see Daleks!

Being about 50m from Victoria Rd, there are oodles of busses on a regular basis even past midnight, and it’s only 30mins from Central. for info. (Hepburn Avenue, Gladesville is a good cross-street to use)

Stuff in the space:

Compared to the previous location, the new space is huge and pretty open, but it’s shared between 3 groups of people. Robots and Dinosaurs (RnD), the Sydney Robot Workshop (SRW) and the Beehive. RnD & SRW are both community clubs, and Beehive is a startup business specialising in digital fab. 

Regular Hacking Sessions:

There will be several regular times the space is open:

RnD’s Saturday Hacking from 11am till late every Saturday

Wed night from 5pm onwards, the Sydney Robot Workshop have a regular build session which a lot of the RnD people attend as well

Sunday afternoon from 1pm onwards, hosted by the Sydney Robot Workshop. 

And of course RnD Members can use the equipment (lasercutters, 3D printers, etc.), or just hang out any time the SRW or RnD have opened the space. Feel free to visit any session, but if you’ve got a particular question head to the main event for that group. (E.g. If you want to know about 3D printing, lasercutting & quadcopters, check out Robots and Dinosaurs. For advice on making a Dalek, stormtrooper costume or resin casting, the Sydney Robot Workshop are the experts)

And don’t forget to join the mailing list to stay informed of the various things happening at the space and what people are working on.