RnD Halloween Party 2011

Very sorry for the lateness and after several bribes (Thanks Judit!) I’m posting the photos of the event now.

We had our Halloween Party the other day and it was a load of fun! 

With our regular costume contest:

Our traditional Watermelon carving contest: (with obligatory LED illumination)

Malcolm brought his homemade Segway and we all had a ride:

Nick brought in his new Barbot and made drinks for everyone:

People brought in baked treats:

It was a blast. 

More photos of everyone’s costume after the break:

Bec as a surgeon:

Me as Joel Robinson/Mike Nelson from Mystery Science Theatre: (Yes, those silhouettes are laser cut!)

Inggrid as Death from the Sandman series:

David as a mad scientist:

Scott as an outback hero:

Jaz busted out his awesome Ghostbusters costume again:

Jen as a faerie: 

Alastair (from Make Hack Void in Canberra) as Battlestar Gallactica Guy: (Sorry, I don’t watch the show!)

Ruth (also from Make Hack Void) as a pirate:

Miklos did an astounding impersonation of Dilbert:

Julian as a vampire:

Chris as Tweedledum/Tweedledee: