Help us get an ‘Up!’ for Christmas!

Hi All,

As a few people have pointed out, the ‘UP!’ printer is on sale at the moment, and over a thousand dollars off. (now $2432). We’ve been toying with getting one for the space for a while, this looks like a very good time to try. For those new to the group, we succesfully funded the lasercutter, makerbot and the CNC via group pledges. 
The up is the most reliable printer I’ve ever had, I frequently do 8 hour or longer prints with no issues, something that’s almost unheard of on the makerbot. In addition the software is much nicer to use, you can load multiple parts and arrange them for building without having to open a 3rd party modeler, etc. 
Additionally the resolution is significantly higher than the makerbot, and it microsteps like a boss, (meaning it’s smoother and less noisy) 
For those that haven’t seen mine or Madox’s in person, here’s some pics of what they can do:
I’ll start by chipping in $300. Who else is in?
And here’s my same disclaimer from the last couple of times:
“To be really clear about this, chipping in will *not* be counted for membership fees or any other space privileges. It *will* however give you a warm glow knowing you helped the space become more functional and also quickened the pace of the upcoming robot revolution, resulting in a mercifully swift death for humanity. ”
UP! your Xmas 
Get the new revised UP! Plus for AU$2432 - Normally AU$3532.
Between 1st - 31st December.
Stocks are limited and a non-refundable pre-order of $200 can be paid to secure your order for delivery in the first week of December.
Excludes GST & Freight.