Membership pricing

Our base membership rate is $40 per month. This can be paid month to month via reoccurring subscription through PayPal, bank transfer, or cash. PayPal is currently our preferred method. If you have any questions, contact

Membership subscription - $40/month via PayPal

Paying 6 or 12 months in advance gets you a 10% discount.

6-monthly membership subscription - $216/6 months via PayPal
12-monthly membership subscription - $432/year via PayPal

If you’re a starving hacker, we’d rather you came to the space than be scared away by not being able to pay membership. We won’t inquire into your circumstances, but if you feel you can’t afford the full membership for any reason, you can purchase a starving hacker membership.

Starving/Student membership subscription - $20/month via PayPal

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time via the PayPal website.

Make a donation

If you’d like to donate any amount of money to Robots & Dinosaurs for any reason (yay!), you can use paypal: donate. Thanks!

Friend of R&D

If you’d like to support R&D in spirit, but can’t make it to the space, you can donate $5 per month and fill out this form to get your name & a link of your choice in the sidebar, and a warm fuzzy feeling :)