Joining the Space

Joining the space involves a few things. First up, you’ll need to visit the space and come meet us and have some fun times. Your first visit is always free, unless we’re running a special event that day with consumable costs which you participate in - in which case you’ll be able to visit another day for free.

Membership Pricing

Our space is entirely funded through the generosity of members and donors, and so we encourage you to give whatever is within your means. Membership is $40 per month minimum, with the option to give more if you can spare it. For students and starving hackers, we offer half price membership. If you’re unsure about joining, and wish to visit a second time, a $10 single day membership is available.

If you want to support R&D but can’t make it to the space regularly (or at all), there’s also a friend of R&D at $5 per month. This doesn’t get you membership, but it does get you a warm fuzzy feeling and your name and a link of your choice on the sidebar :)

As a paying member, you’ll be able to visit on any open days without further expenses beyond material costs on special events. After being a member for a few visits the board will consider giving you full membership.

If you have any questions, direct them to our secretary.