What is a Makerspace?

A makerspace/hackerspace is a place of friends for creative types. Inside a warehouse, repurposed home, shopfront or apartment, hackerspaces bring together people who can never stop making things. Usually these aren’t people who specialise in to just one thing, but are people who always want to learn something new. One week a member’s project might be to make a corset from scratch, and another week they’ll be programming a robot. Sending balloons in to space, and mowing the lawn with a modified roomba. Recycling that which is old and that which is done, and making it fun and interesting again.

In a more practical sense, a makerspace is a room or a building in which people with all different skill sets come together and bring interesting ideas to life collectively. A hackerspace is full of interesting things to see and be a part of, and visiting one never fails to bring out your own ideas.

Different spaces have different feels and focuses. Most have a strong interest in electronics and are frequented by a lot of software developers and people of the internet tubes. Some teach workshops, others focus on tools, and some collaborate on large shared projects.

Robots and Dinosaurs has a focus on electronics, with growing interests in general craft, chemistry, metalwork, glass, digital fabrication, gene manipulation, and model aircraft. The only thing we love more than meeting new people is sharing their excitement for an unexplored idea.